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Welcome to Narcity’s self-serve ad platform, Narcity Campaign Manager (NCM), a platform that allows you to reach your customers on Narcity owned web properties, wherever they are, whenever you want.

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Local advertising that works


NCM is extremely easy to use and self-serve. Build your ad, choose a city and launch within a few hours.

In-View Ads

Reach users who will actually see your ad with our sites built for high viewability.

Contextual Targeting

Choose the type of content you want your ads to appear on.

For any type of business

I’m a small business owner

Are you the owner of a small coffee chain in Toronto? The owner of a women's clothing line in Vancouver? Advertise for as low as $25.

I represent a PR firm

The PR industry is changing fast and the future of organic coverage is uncertain. Narcity delivers guaranteed results.

I’m a media buyer

Brand safety is a big concern for digital media buyers looking for scale. Advertise in a brand safe environment that’s regulated by the National NewsMedia Council.

High impact placements in a brand safe environment

Amplify your brand and advertise with confidence. Narcity Media properties have robust editorial standards and brand safety policies you can trust. With dedicated support, any issues that do arise are quickly addressed by our NCM ad ops team.

Stand out from your competitors and advertise on or today!

Narcity Campaign Manager (NCM)

Your solution to reaching people on a local, provincial or national level, in a brand safe environment and highly viewable impressions.

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